Between 21 to 23 June 2019, the first project was completed at Art experience KRL: PRESSure. This project consisted of a photo exhibition about the stress that young people experience due to performance pressure, work pressure, social media and modern society. The objective of the exhibition was to offer support to young people and to break the taboo on this subject.


As a fund, we are extremely proud of the initiatives to which we have been able to contribute. We would like to put the TimeOut Foundation in the spotlight. On 2 November, they staged an interactive performance in which students discussed topics such as pressure to perform, COVID and the future with administrators, policymakers, politicians and each other. Thanks to the actors of TimeOut, these conversations haven't just given us food for thought, but also tools for action. For more information, go to: The recap of the performance will be posted here soon!


On Saturday 19 November 2019, a Student & Lifestyle conference took place at the Rabobank Utrecht theatre: 'Food for Thought: Lifestyle and stress management in the consulting room'. (opVoeding: Leefstijl en stressmanagement in de spreekkamer’). Lifestyle-related diseases are an increasing problem in the Netherlands. The necessary knowledge to tackle these problems is still lacking. This conference has reached over 100 medical students, to teach our future doctors these practical skills. Above, you can watch the after-movie of the conference to get a good impression of the atmosphere!

Gewoon kwetsbaar

More and more Young people struggle with mental health issues. They feel dirupted, lonely and above all vulnerable. On June 18th a short documentary, called #GewoonKwetsbaar [translation: #JustVulnerable], premiered. In the documentary Floortje Scheepers, head of Psychiatry at UMC Utrecht, and three students talk openly about how vulnerable you can feel as as a student and how we should accept that vulnerablity more. #GewoonKwetsbaar is made by investigative journalist Deborah Fidder, filmmaker Sikko Medema and editor Antione Cedric. To break the taboo about disruption, and to inspire people to come closer to eachother, watch the enitre documentary.

Artcicles of Association

You can request the Articles of Association of the Student Welfare Fund from the Chamber of Commerce or request it by email at Chamber of Commerce number: 27285199