About the Student Welfare Fund

The Student Welfare Fund (Studentenwelzijn Fonds) supports projects that contribute to the improvement and maintenance of mental and physical student wellbeing. It does this through grants. To do our work, we have to make use of personal data. We also work together with other organisations or foundations. We believe it is important that personal data is handled with care. Personal data is therefore carefully processed and secured by us according to privacy legislation.

Use of personal information

For its activities, the Student Welfare Fund processes personal data (this is data that can be traced back to a natural person), such as, for example:

  • name, address, contact details, date of birth, gender and nationality;
  • financial data such as bank account numbers and card details, details regarding credit history and bankruptcy or suspension of payments status;
  • for marketing purposes, such as:
    • promotional purposes. This includes sending newsletters, displaying information, sending user information, service messages or other electronic messages on the website of SGV Nederland and beyond, through advertising networks and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We will only process the data necessary for our work. When you provide us with data from third parties (your partner, children, co-applicants, employees, customers or data of persons in case of emergency), we assume that you inform them about the processing of their data by the SGV Fund and refer them to this privacy statement.

In addition to the information you provide, the Student Welfare Fund may collect information from third parties. For example, data is processed to prevent fraud against financial institutions and the Student Welfare Fund therefore also consults third parties for data relating to fraud (FRISS) and creditworthiness (Focum).

This data can be requested both during and before the performance of our work. In these cases, the Student Welfare Fund has a legitimate interest in processing your data. You can object to this processing.

The Student Welfare Fund processes the data in the context of its tasks, including

  • supplying the grant requested by you;
  • research into efficiency;
  • internal reporting and statistical analysis;
  • evaluation of projects;
  • examining creditworthiness and debtor policy;
  • investigation of sanctions imposed, validation of data, facilitation of prevention, detection and/or investigation of crime;
  • compliance with legal obligations;

The information can be stored on both internal and external systems, such as relationship management applications. Through these systems, the Fund employees involved have access to this data and may only use it for the purposes for which the Student Welfare Fund processes the data.

Safety level

We strive to protect the personal data that we process against loss or unlawful use to the best of our abilities. We take appropriate security measures to ensure the security and accuracy of that data. If, despite these measures, there should be a data breach, the Student Welfare Fund will apply a procedure for reporting and dealing with it correctly.

Automatic data collection

The Student Welfare Fund may also collect information by means of cookies when you visit an SGV website or use mobile apps. Cookies are small, simple text files that your computer, tablet or mobile phone receives when you visit one of our websites or apps. In these files, information about your website/app visit is kept in order to provide you with the best possible service. The Student Welfare Fund offers the option of not agreeing to these automatic data processing operations. This may mean that it will not be possible for the Student Welfare Fund to (fully) carry out activities.

Data of minors

Our websites do not target children under the age of 16.

Accuracy of the data

For the correct performance of our work, we rely on the correctness of the information known to us. You must therefore inform us about changes to your data.

Right of access/correction/opposition/data portability and freezing

You have the following rights with regard to the data we process about you:

  • the right to inspect the processing of your personal data by the Student Welfare Fund;
  • the right to have that data corrected, frozen and/or deleted, especially when the processing of the data is no longer necessary;
  • right to object to the use of data for marketing purposes;

Ø right to object to further processing of your personal data;

  • you can also ask us to transfer your data to another party.

Some of these rights will only be exercisable in certain cases. If we are unable to follow up on a request, we will inform you accordingly. To exercise these rights, you can submit a request by email or through our website.

The Student Welfare Fund keeps your data for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which the data is processed. The Student Welfare Fund is also required to keep data with a view to the file and duty of care and the position of evidence, and furthermore to comply with legislation and regulations. After the retention periods have expired, the Student Welfare Fund will delete the data.

We reserve the right to remove libellous, defamatory and unlawful messages on the internet and social media, as well as spam. If you decide to respond to our content through social media, we may investigate the sender. Should we wish to report a response, we may also investigate the sender for that purpose.

We value your opinion. If you have any comments or questions about our privacy statement, please send them to info@studentenwelzijnfonds.nl

Dutch Data Protection Authority

If you have any complaints about the processing of your personal data by the Student Welfare Fund, we would like to hear from you. You can contact us with your complaint and we will try to find a suitable resolution with you. You have the right to submit a complaint to the privacy supervisor, the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

This privacy statement is not an agreement and we may update this privacy statement. As soon as we make changes, the amendment date will be updated. We will inform you about changes in various ways, including by publishing the revised privacy statement on our website, after which it shall take effect immediately. You should consult this statement from time to time so that you are aware of the way in which the Student Welfare Fund handles your personal data.

This privacy statement was updated on 24 April 2019.