The Review Committee assesses applications based on a legal test, an economic test and a number of criteria. The following criteria serve as the basis for the assessment by the Assessment Committee::
  • The project aims to promote student well-being and has a demonstrable effect on this;
  • The project aims to address a bottleneck in the mental and/or physical well-being of students;
  • A clear target group has been identified and the project is of social importance for this target group. Think of students in a broad sense or a specific subgroup;
  • The project is temporary (in principle a maximum of  three years);
  • The project is submitted by a legal entity and is not for profit.
  • This means that as an individual you can only submit one application for an organisation. Do you want to know how to set up a foundation? View our toolkit. (Dutch only)
The following shall be Iexcluded:
  • Scientific research projects;;
  • Printing of theses;
  • Financing internships;
  • Projects that serve the interest of one or a few individuals (who form only a very limited part of the potential target group);
  • Projects for a geographically restricted patient group. Regional funds are available for financing such regional projects;
  • Where obvious other funds are available, for example regional funds.
  • Triodos Foundation.
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