As of April 1st, 2022, the following conditions are to be met fr us to consider the application for a subsidy:
  • The application must be submitted by a legal entity registered with the Chamber of Commerce;
  • The project may not have a (potential for) profit motive*;
  • The project may not fund scientific research or internships;
  • The project should not only serve the interests of one or a few individuals;
  • The project is temporary (in principle a maximum of  three years);
  • The project must not obviously be (able to be, fully) financed from other funds.
In addition, the board can set additional conditions for specific projects to guarantee proper spending of the subsidy. Therefore, there are some conditions that the board reasonably uses to assess the application:
  • The applicant shares all information requested by the board to assess the application, to evaluate the realization and to promote the Fund**;
  • The project aims to promote student well-being and has a demonstrable effect on this;
  • The project aims to address a bottleneck in the mental and/or physical well-being of students;
  • A clear target group has been identified and the project is of social importance for this target group. Think of students in a broad sense or a specific subgroup;
  • The target audience is public and accessible to a diverse population (reasonably);
  • The project has a measurable end result.
If a project in progress or at completion turns out to deviate from the conditions, the subsidy can be reversed. If the grant is not fully spent, the foundation will reclaim this money or agree on a further goal in consultation with the applicant.
*If there is a suspicion of a (potential for) profit motive, for example because the legal entity has a profit motive, the foundation can set additional conditions to protect the public accessibility and integrity of the project.
**The applicant also authorizes the Fund to make this information public, possibly under conditions to be agreed.
Do you want to know how to set up a foundation? View our toolkit. (Dutch only)