In 2006, the ISO and the LSVb jointly established the healthcare collective Good Insurance for Students. The aim of Good Insurance for Students is to offer students good quality health insurance at a favourable price-quality ratio. Furthermore, the Dutch National Students Association (ISO) and the National Student Union (LSVb) want to contribute to student well-being in a broad sense. They do this through the Student Welfare Fund (Studentenwelzijn Fonds). This fund finances projects that contribute (locally) to the (collective) physical and/or mental well-being of students in higher education. Most importantly, projects contribute to student well-being. It makes sense to link up with national developments. The Student welface actions plan (only avaidable in Dutch), drawn up by the Student Welfare Platform and supported by ISO and LSVb, identifies the following five themes:

  • Creating awareness for student well-being
  • Bonding and a safe educational climate
  • Prevention and Early Detection
  • Assistance and Psychosocial interventionss
These themes are not fixed guidelines for the fund and therefore not exhaustive, but are mentioned here to give you an idea of the types of projects we like to support.

Applying for a grant

The Student Welfare Fund provides grants to non-profit organisations (foundations and associations). You can download the Pitch form here:

Your application will be handled by the Fund Management and the Review Committee. Completed forms and mandatory documents can be sent to

ISO and LSVb



The Dutch National Students Association (Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg or ISO) is the largest national student organisation in the Netherlands and represents the general interests of 750,000 students at universities and colleges. The ISO is a regular discussion partner of, among others, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, political parties and umbrella organisations of universities and colleges. The ISO's executive organisation consists of a board and twelve employees. The ISO was founded in 1974 in Amsterdam. For more information, go to


The National Student Union (Landelijke Studenten Vakbond or LSVb) stands up for the interests of 750,000 Dutch students at universities through local student unions. It is committed to better and affordable education, better and affordable housing, more participation for students and good study information and guidance. The LSVb was founded in 1983 in Delft. For more information, go to

Artcicles of Association

You can request the Articles of Association of the Student Welfare Fund from the Chamber of Commerce or request it by email at Chamber of Commerce number: 27285199